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राजगीर में घूमने की 5 सबसे खूबसूरत जगह कौन-कौनसी हैं? तस्वीरों के जरिए जानिए यहां की खास बातें

Rajgir is a town in Nalanda locality in the Indian state of Bihar. It has authentic and strict significance and is associated with Buddhism and Jainism. Some of the main issues about Rajgir are:

Certifiable Significance:

Rajgir has a rich history and was the capital of the Magadha region during the standard, of the Maurya tradition. It served as the capital for a few lines including the Gupta and Pala domains.

  • Strict Significance: The town is an important pilgrimage site for Buddhists and Jains. It is strongly associated with the Master Buddha. who spent a lot of time meditating on the Gardhakota slope (Vulture Peak) and delivered many important messages here.
  • Local Buddhist sites: Vulture Peak, otherwise known as Gardhakota. Is a prominent slope in Rajgir where the ruling. Buddha is believed to have been taught the Lotus Sutra. Saptaparni Cave is another major place where the main. Buddhist gathering is said to have taken place.
  • Gene Associations: Rajgir is also specific to genes. It is believed that Master Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara, invested some energy in meditation here. Jain sanctuaries on the slopes of Ratnagiri are important pilgrimage sites.
  • Natural Reservoirs: The town is known for its underground water reservoirs: especially Brahma Kund and Tapudrama. Underground water bodies are accepted for their restorative properties, and people often visit them for therapeutic purposes.
  • Archaeological Sites: Rajgir is home to various archaeological sites, including ancient religious communities, stupas, and designs from various verifiable periods. The Japanese Buddhist Shanti Stupa is also located in Rajgir.


Rajgir is surrounded by roads and it is about 15 km from Nalanda. The nearest main railway line station is at Bihar Sharif, and the nearest air terminal is at Patna.

Rajgir, with its blend of authentic, social, and serious significance, draws travellers, tourists, and history buffs alike. It is a reflection of India’s rich heritage and the various social influences that have shaped the place over a long time.

I don’t have constant information however starting from my last update in January 2022. I can provide you with general data about popular activities in Rajgir. In any case, please note that it is wise to check the latest data and confirm the ongoing status. of the attractions before arranging your visit. Some of the famous exercises and places in Rajgir are:

Vulture’s Peak (Gardhakota)

Go to Vulture’s Peak for the Buddha’s teachings. It offers an all-encompassing perspective on the surrounding scene.

  • Saptaparni Cave: Investigate the Saptaparni Cave, which is accepted as the setting of the main Buddhist board.
  • Jivakamion Nurseries: Invest energy in the quiet Jivakamion nurseries, known for their general excellence and calm environmental elements.
  • Ratnagiri Slopes: Visit the Ratnagiri Slopes, a Jain shrine and archaeological site.
  • Japanese Buddhist Sanctuary (Shanti Stupa): Investigate the Japanese Buddhist Sanctuary, otherwise known as the Shanti Stupa, which offers a tranquil climate and beautiful views.
  • Underground Water Reservoirs: Experience the natural water reservoirs in Rajgir, especially Brahma Kund, and Tapudrama, which are accepted for their curative properties.
  • Cyclopean Wall: See Cyclopean Wall, an ancient wall believed to trace the time of ruler Bembisara.
  • Archaeological Gallery: Visit the historic archaeological centre in Rajgir, which houses artefacts and artefacts from the region’s rich history.
  • Child Bhandar Caves: Explore the Child Bhandar Caves, an archaeological site with ancient caves and carvings.
  • Rajgir Ropeway: Ride the Rajgir Ropeway for an all-encompassing perspective on the steep slopes and scenery.
  • Fort of Ajatashtru: See the remains of the post of Ajathashtru, an old stronghold belonging to the Magadha realm.
  • Lakshmi Narayan Temple: Visit the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, a Hindu sanctuary dedicated to Master Vishnu.
  • Swaran Bhandar: Investigate the Swaran Bhandar (Gold Archive), an ancient structure of verifiable significance.
  • Karanda Tank: Immerse yourself in the serene environment of Karanda Tank, a monumental water tank in Rajgir.
Famous Places to visit in Rajgir


  • Albeit not in Rajgir itself: Pavapuri is viewed as adjacent to a significant Jain journey site and is known for its eminent haven for the ruler Mahavira.
  • Be sure to check for any tourist warnings, section requirements, or changes in hours of operation before planning your visit to these attractions.
  • Starting around my last information update in January 2022. I no longer have direct access to external sites, including WikiTravel. I can give you a general outline that you can find in the movement guide for Rajgir

Rajgir – Outline:

Rajgir, located in the Indian province of Bihar, is a verifiable and strictly significant objective. Known for its association with Buddhism and Jainism, the town draws explorers and vacationers alike. This is what you might find in a movement guide:

  • History and Culture: Investigate Rajgir’s rich history from its ancient roots as the capital of Magadha to its association with Buddha and Mahavira. Learn about the various traditions that rule the region.
  • Vacation Spots: Explore major attractions in and around Rajgir, such as the Vulture’s Feather, Saptaparni Caves, Ratnagiri Slopes, and the Japanese Buddhist Sanctuary (Shanti Stupa).
  • Harsh Places: Rajgir is a pilgrimage destination for Buddhists and Jains. The assistant can highlight particularly difficult sites. Buddhist religious communities, and sacred caves.
  • Regular attractions: Explore the general splendour of Rajgir, including underground water, gardens, and slopes. Take part in the beautiful scenery and tranquil environmental factors.
  • Activities: Find information on accessible activities in Rajgir, for example, exploring archaeological sites. And participating in any social or outdoor activities you may encounter during your visit.
  • Travel Tips: Get travel tips, data for transportation, facility choices, neighbourhood eateries, and other basic nuances to remember for a pleasant stay.

Proximity Objections

  • If relevant, the facilitator may recommend nearby locations, Pavapuri, and other large or socially sensitive areas.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, check Wikivoyage or other reliable travel guides for the most unusual and point-by-point data on Rajgir, as my data is based on status as of January 2024.

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