Tutla Bhavani Waterfall and Temple in Rohtas.

Tutla Bhavani

Tutla Bhavani Waterfall

Tutla Bhavani (also known as Tutla or Tutla Dham). Dehri is situated about 20 kilometres southwest of Sone. This place is known for the temple of Goddess Maa Tutla Bhavani and the incredible waterfall. The natural beauty around Tutaleshwari Bhavani Temple is captivating. The statue of Mahishasura Mardini is installed in the middle of Tutrahi Falls. There is no such amazing waterfall in the entire Rohtas and Kaimur district. Tutla Bhavani is the most beautiful place free from the noise and pollution of the city. The mountain view is amazing with waterfalls which attract tourists.

Tutla Bhavani Temple

Tutrahi is in a hill valley about 8 km south-west of Tilothu. This is the most picturesque place in Rohtas district. Here, between two high hills on the north-west and south-east sides, a valley of about 1 mile long and full of greenery, with a waterfall in front and the water of the Kachuar River flowing gurgling through the valley, presents a wonderful sight. While this valley is about 300 meters wide in the east, it narrows to only 50 meters towards the west, where at the end (west) the waterfall falls from a height of about 180 feet. Inside the falls, there is a platform at a slight height on its right (south) side. To reach here, there is a staircase from the south side. There is a statue of Mother Jagaddhatri Mahishmardini Durga on the platform. Almost adjacent to this statue, to the south, on the rock, the inscription divided into three parts at the top and bottom is of Nayak Pratap Dhawal Dev, which was written on 1 April 1158 AD, Saturday (V. No. 1214). A small temple (of Tutla Bhavani) has been built here. In recent times, this site has been developed as an eco-tourism site by the Forest Department. All tourist facilities including roads, swing pool, and e-rickshaws are available here.

Tutla Bhawani is a new tourist destination in Bihar.

There are many historical, religious and natural places to visit in Bihar. But there is a place in Rohtas district of this state where the natural beauty will mesmerize you and along with that the temple of Mata situated here is also centuries old. Today we are going to tell you about this place…

There are many attractive places to visit in Rohtas district of Bihar. But Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham located in the lap of Kaimur Hill in the Tilauthu block of the district is unique. People are drawn here to see the picturesque view. Especially after the rain, the natural beauty of Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham is worth seeing, which attracts tourists. There is a waterfall located in the Kaimur hill area here. You will not find such a waterfall anywhere in Bihar. Kaimur Hill is covered with a green sheet from all sides and is full of natural beauty. The natural beauty of Maa Tutla Bhawani Dham attracts tourists from many states. Now this tourist place and religious place has been recognized at the national level.

The idol of the mother was established in the 12th century

Regarding the history of Tutla Bhavani, it is said that the idol of Maa Tutla Bhavani was established in the 12th century by King Devpratap Dhawal. Two inscriptions can still be seen at the temple of Mata Rani, located in the valleys of the beautiful Kaimur hills, 25 km from the district headquarters and just five km west of Tilauthu block. The first inscription of the 8th century is in Sharada script, which is unread. It has not been translated yet. At the same time, the second inscription installed at Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham of the 12th century was installed at Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham by King Veerpratap Dhawal Dev of Kharwars, when the idol of Maa Tutla Bhavani was established by King Veer Pratap Dhawal himself and his family.

Tutla Bhavani Waterfall and Temple in Rohtas.

what is written in the inscription

It is mentioned in the stone inscription that the idol of Maa Tutla Bhavani was installed in the 12th century on 19th April 1158 AD, 1254 Samvat Saturday by Kharwar king Veer Pratap Dhawal Dev and his entire family including his wife Sulhi Devi, brother Tribhuvan Dhawal Dev, son Vikram Dhawal Dev, Sahas Dhawal Dev and their five daughters. An idol had been installed in the past as well, which is broken.

How is the statue of the mother

The idol of the mother is a beautiful example of Garhwal period sculpture. In the idol of the mother, a demon is coming out from the neck of a buffalo, and the eight-armed mother Tutla Bhavani is catching him and killing him with a trident. The idol of the mother is eight-armed.

The waterfall falls from the top of Kaimur Hill

Just above Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham, a waterfall falls from the top of Kaimur hill, which flows into the pond below. It is called the Kachuar River, which flows from the top of Kaimur hill. The water of this waterfall is also called Satkundwa water because there are seven ponds on the hill just above the temple of Mata Rani. Through these seven ponds, this waterfall flows into the pond below Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham. Coming down, it is famous as Tutarahi River, which flows till Tilauthu and merges with the Son River.

People who come here with wrong thoughts have to face the wrath of the Goddess

It is believed here that whoever comes to Mata Bhavani Dham with wrong thoughts or dirty intentions, has to face the wrath of Bhramari Devi i.e. Bhanvra Devi. Many such incidents have happened in the temple of Maa Tutla Bhavani located in Tilauthu. When someone has come here with dirty thoughts, he has had to face the wrath of the stings of the bumble bees.

French journalist Buchanan has mentioned Tutla Bhavani in his travelogue

There is a lot of crowd in Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham during Sawan, Ardra Nakshatra and Navratri. This year the crowd record has also been broken. With its beautiful hanging bridge, hanging bridge, greenery of the mountain and the waterfall falling right above the temple of Mata Rani, the beautiful pool, spreading natural beauty, Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham often attracts tourists during the rainy season. People say that there is no waterfall like this anywhere in the whole of Bihar. Not only Bihar, but people from states like Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand etc. come here to visit Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham. This Dham has now also been given the status of a tourist place. The Forest Department has made arrangements for a hanging bridge, changing room, shed, road, e-rickshaw etc. here. At the same time, the Puja Committee of Maa Tutla Bhavani Dham and the Forest Department are trying to develop this Dham every day. A herbal park has also been built here by the Forest Department, which attracts tourists.

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