What is the validity of caste certificate in Bihar?

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What is RTPS – rtps bihar, rtps 9, rtps 7, rtps 4, rtps 1, rtps online

RTPS4 and RTPS9, RTPS7 service is run by Bihar state government. With the help of common people can get all the necessary papers or certificates of their need made while sitting at home or their place with the help of a computer or smartphone. You can apply for these and verify them online only. And you can get rid of the problem of visiting offices.

Bihar Aay Jati Niwas – How to apply?

Here we want to tell you that all our citizens of Bihar state who want to make an income certificate, caste certificate and residence proof, then you can directly go to your block and apply free of cost On the other hand, you can apply online for Bihar Aay Jati Niwas by visiting RTPS Portal and get its benefits etc.
With the help of all the above points, we told you about the complete report so that you can get the benefit of the full report and ensure your continuous development.

How many years is the validity of the Bihar caste certificate?

Here we want to tell you that the validity of the Bihar caste certificate remains lifelong, that is, if you apply for the Bihar caste certificate, the validity of it remains lifelong, and you can use it throughout your life and with the help of the caste certificate, you can apply for government schemes. We can avail the benefits and ensure our sustainable development.

How many years is the validity of the Bihar residence certificate?

On the other hand, we want to tell you that the “Residence Certificate” is issued by the Government of Bihar, whose validity is lifelong, that is, every citizen of the state can get the full benefit of the residence certificate without any problem throughout his life. You can avail the benefits of various government schemes and ensure that your income is sustainable.

What is the validity of the Bihar Income Certificate?

On one hand, the validity of the Bihar caste certificate and residence certificate is lifelong, on the other hand, the validity of the Bihar income certificate is only for 1 year, the main reason for which is that the financial year keeps changing every year and due to this, the income certificate. Validity is only for 1 year etc.

How to Apply Online for Bihar RTPS Certificates (Caste, Income, Domicile)

Accessing any online document is a very basic part. You can apply online from the official website. We are publishing an important link and details in the following paragraphs.

You can just follow simple steps to apply online RTPS certificate i.e. caste, domicile, income, birth, death, etc. You can also classify the caste certificate into different categories i.e. OBC, SC, ST, etc.

First of all, visit the official website i.e.
Now click on the online application. Now go ahead and read the terms and conditions.
Next agrees to the terms and conditions and forwards the same
And now enter your name in both languages i.e Hindi and English
Now complete the following details i.e. select the certificate, certificate obtaining centre, etc.

If you are a resident of Bihar then frequently searched certificates from RTPS Bihar will be RTPS Bihar i.e.caste, Income, Domicile & Residence certificate {Aay Praman Patra, Awasiya Praman Patra, Jati Praman Patra, Charitra Praman patra}. Online website is

Bihar RTPS Service @ Caste, income and residence certificate are the basic documents that are required for every common person for various government and private works. Individuals have to wait for a long time and visit the concerned office several times for these necessary documents to be ready.

But now for the individuals of the state, the government has launched this scheme. Bihar RTPS Service was started on 15 August 2011. Through this portal, you can apply for documents without visiting the office.

Documents required for application

For Caste Certificate For Income Certificate For Residence Certificate Proof of Identity:-

How to Apply Online for Bihar Income, Domicile and Caste Certificate at RTPSC Bihar.

What is the Bihar OBC caste certificate?

People of different castes live in Bihar, according to whose caste the government issues them caste certificates. The caste of the citizens is revealed through this certificate.

Bihar government issues OBC caste certificates for those people who come from Other Backward Classes. Through this certificate, people of the OBC caste are helped in applying for government jobs, taking reservations in colleges and taking benefits of other government schemes.

The main objective of issuing an OBC Certificate in Bihar is the social and economic development of this category of citizens. So that the standard of living of the other backward class people living in the state improves and they can move forward step by step in society.

Why is a caste certificate required in Bihar?

In Bihar, caste certificate is made for the following purposes-

The following are the documents required for the Bihar caste certificate:

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